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Frequently Asked Questions

The FDA does not regulate supplements. So supplement companies can put what ever they want in their products including heavy metals found in poorly manufactured ingredients.

Yes are products are manufactured in the USA. We only use the purest ingredients and highest potency in all of our formulations. 

Yes our manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA.

Yes our supplements are manufactured in a certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility. This insures a consistent manufacturing process.

Simple we do not invest our dollars in fancy packaging and expensive marketing. We are not concerned about making money. Our concern is about saving lives and keeping people healthy with high quality World-Class Health Supplements at a affordable price.

Yes we have partnered with Vitamin Angels we contribute a percentage of every supplement sold.

Vitamin Angels focuses on where they can make the greatest impact on malnutrition, which threatens the health, well-being, and future of mothers and children around the world, every day.

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