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Foods That Contain Natural Digestive Enzymes

There are certain holistic ways for healthy weight loss and kick-start your metabolism. Consuming healthy foods containing natural digestive enzymes is one effective way to do so. You will be able to get all the nutrients as well as a better digestibility and overall gut health through these foods:


Bananas are fruits containing a lot of different digestive enzymes. These are the fruits containing glucosidases as well as amylases, which are the enzyme groups breaking down the complex carbohydrates such as starches into small and readily absorbed sugars such as glucose and fructose. Just like mangoes, the enzymes present in the bananas help in breaking down the starches into sugars as the fruit starts getting ripe. It is the reason why the ripe bananas yellow in color are actually sweeter than the green bananas that aren’t ripe yet.

What’s more, bananas come with a lot of dietary fiber, which might help indigestion. A banana of medium size comes with around three grams of fiber. A study showed the association between the consumption of bananas and the overall growth of the bacteria in the gut. Women who consumed about two bananas on a daily note got a non-significant elevation in gut bacteria. On the contrary, women consuming two bananas on an everyday basis got a modest and a non-significant elevation in the healthy gut bacteria. However, the women experienced less bloating on a significant level.


Unlike the rest of the fruits present, the avocadoes are quite unique in the content of macronutrients present in them. They have high-fat content in them and significantly less sugar. What’s more, they also have a digestive enzyme called lipase in them. The enzyme lipase helps in the digestion of the fat molecules into a lot of small molecules like glycerol and fatty acids that are technically quite easy for the human body to absorb.

What’s more, the pancreas secretes lipase, which means you won’t be needing lipase from your diet. On the contrary, taking a supplement containing lipase enzyme in it may help you in digesting foods heavy in fat content. What’s more, the avocado also comes with some other digestive enzymes, for example, polyphenol oxidase. It is a digestive enzyme useful for converting green avocadoes into brown avocadoes when there is oxygen present.


Papaya is also considered a fruit rich in digestive enzyme content. It also contains a group of protein-digesting enzymes or proteases called papain. People also consume papaya to improve their digestion. Readily used as a meat tenderizer, this product is used in the market as a supplement for digestion. Studies show that taking papaya as a supplement eases digestive symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome-like bloating and constipation. You have to make sure papaya is uncooked and ripe, as eating it otherwise may not give you the digestive enzymes you want.


Mangoes are known to be a juicy tropical fruit that gets eaten during the summer season. Mangoes also have digestive enzymes in them; the group is called amylase, which is helpful in the breaking down of complex carbohydrates from starch into simple, digestible sugars like maltose and glucose. These digestive enzymes present in the mango get into a more active form just as the fruit gets ripe. It is the reason why the fruit gets even sweeter when it gets ripe. What’s more, the enzymes found in the mangoes are made by the glands found in the saliva and pancreas. They may help in breaking down the carbohydrates so that they get absorbed in the body easily. It is the reason why there is a recommendation to chew the food properly prior to swallowing, as the enzyme amylases present in the saliva aid in breaking down the carbohydrates for quick absorption and digestion.


Pineapples come with abundant digestive enzymes. Naturally, the group bromelain is a significant one. Bromelain is actually a group of protein-breaking enzymes called proteases, which helps in the digestibility and absorption of protein molecules in the body. Bromelain is easily purchased in the powdered type for tenderizing meat products. What’s more, it is readily accessible in the form of a health supplement for people struggling with protein digestion issues. People with pancreatic insufficiency may find this fruit to be helpful too. It is because, in this condition, people lack the enzymes needed to digest proteins fully.

Honey and Honey Products

It is a rough estimation that there are over 400 million pounds of honey consumption in the United States alone every year. It is made of delicious ingredients which are quite rich in different compounds such as antioxidants. Digestive enzymes are also found in honey. It is a liquid that is quite rich in compounds like digestive enzymes – particularly honey, which is raw.

These digestive enzymes include the following:

Amylases – these enzymes decompose starches into sugar such as maltose and glucose

Invertases – these enzymes break down sugar into fructose and glucose

Proteases – these enzymes decompose protein to amino acids

Diastases – these enzymes break down the starches into maltose

You need to make sure that you invest in raw honey if you want to get the benefits from the digestive enzymes present in this food. The processed honey is exposed to heat, which will destroy the enzymes for digestion.

These are some natural foods containing digestive enzymes for the body. You can also consume a health supplement for these enzymes. 

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